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I hope you’re all doing well. Just wanted to tell that I recently finished my final exams and therefore finished my studies too. Finally.

This means that CFM will hopefully be coming back in the next weeks with some new material. Due to much stress while learning for the final exams and being broke all the time I didn’t have much opportunities to track down all the folk and indie music of late 2010 and 2011. So there is a big gap for this period of time. Everybody who has some serious hints for me please posts them in the comments (though I mostly followed Slowcoustic and therefore know the music posted by Smansmith).

Also I deceided to run the blog in German from now on, so this will be the last post in English. This doesn’t mean you can’t contact me in English or comment in English. I would like to have both languages around here, knowing that most of you don’t speak German. I thought very long about chancing the blog language, but in the end I think it is the best for me especially with regards to my personal motivation.

If everything turns out well, I will do my Ph.D. in the next years and hopefully find some time to busy myself more with folk music again. As I said in the last post, there will be no daily routine with the articles anymore. I write as I go. Consequences of this will be that there are less articles (obvicious) but also longer and more detailed reviews. This means I will pick out just my absolute personal favourites and hope to present you some great music you’ll really fall in love with.

The next steps towards the CFM relaunch will be saving some money to pay wordpress costs to embed mp3s, get an overview over the current folk releases and artists, find some good music and write up the first articles. So there is some work to do until you will read the first folk related post here. But I hope you will step by again and rejoin CFM.

p.s. In the meantime while CFM was offline somebody thought, that he had to copy most parts of my blog name to create another folk blog (maybe hoping to steal clicks from google searching for folk music, I don’t know). This other blog is called Common Folk Music and also uses the abbreviation CFM. So don’t get confused. This blog, Common Folk Meadow, was and always will be the original CFM and I have nothing to do with that other blog.

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