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Hello dear CFM folks,

I just wanted to tell you that CFM is closed from now on. All content remains, but I definitively won’t write any other post on this blog. This doesn’t come too surprising for I said it a couple of times before, still my heart aches quite a bit writing down these words.

But now comes the BIG BUT:

There is another blog up on the nets where I will write from now on. It will be in German and I will mostly write about folk and modern classic and especially about the symbiosis of those two genres. If you like to follow me, I would really apreciate it if you would spread the word about ‘Modern Classic+Folk’

I’m really sorry I can’t continue CFM and I love you all for all the love you gave back to me! But I made my decision and everything is ready for the launch of the new blog, even the first post is up and running. So, I love you all, dear CFM readers and maybe I will hear from you on MCF, too. Here’s the link.


I am Goodbye 😦

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