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Just wanted to let you folks know that I’m still alive and not yet vanished from this earth. I’m still trying to finish my studies (the master’s thesis in Philosophy is written already and one of the final tests is over, too). There are more to come though and even if everything goes well with the German Studies exams, especially those in linguistics, I’m not done before fall this year. Until then there will be no CFM activity, because I’m not yet sure if I will continue the blog in the way I did.

The most important decision I have to make is the following: Writing in English certainly has it’s advantages especially because you reach a wider audience. But as I’m also very fond of my native language, German, I’m considering to switch over to it. Not only does it take less time to write the articles and to proof-read them, it also gives me a larger range expressing my emotions and feelings. But I’m not yet sure about this point and I will let time decide what to do.
The other point, and on this I’m sure already, is the interval in which new articles will be posted. The daily thing surely is a great challange but finding new music, reading news of tons of blogs and posting stuff that isn’t a bare copy of the other blogs takes hours and hours of time. Sometimes I spent over 7h a day to find some good stuff, write up the reviews and read all the news I had available in my 300+ blogs in google reader. This was a great time, but as life will get in the way I don’t think this will be manegeable anymore in the future. So there will be new articles but they won’t show up at a daily routine.

I know, this post was long overdue, but I really wasn’t in the mood to write anything to anyone in the last time. I hope you’ll excuse me. This being said, I just can summon you to keep believing in independent artists and their music and to support them in every way you can. Keep the spirit of music (and folk especially) alive and don’t let the majors destroy true genius. I’ll be back – and I hope some of you will still be there, too.


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